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Ryan got the vice president on his history of gaffes, which at times force the Obama administration off message and into damage control mode. We want to get people out of poverty, in the middle class, on to lives of self-sufficiency. We believe in opportunity and upward mobility. Ryan also hit Obama for blaming the video.

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Early Friday, Factcheck. Biden, too, got caught misspeaking, per Factcheck. The book on the first two debates may have a Goldilocks tinge to it. If Obama was too cold and Biden was too hot, then maybe next Tuesday, when Obama and Romney meet again for the second of their three debates, the president will get it just right.

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With one subpar debate performance last week, Obama lost his lead in head-to-head polls against Romney, and he needs a comeback next week to prevent full-on panic among his base. And, with chatter already starting about the presidential race, the Oct.

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Monitor Daily. As vice president, Biden played an active role in the administration, serving as an influential adviser to Obama and a vocal supporter of his initiatives. In addition, he was tasked with notable assignments. He helped avert several budget crises and played a key role in shaping U. Several months later, Biden—who enjoyed high favourability ratings, partly due to a candour and affable manner that resonated with the public—announced that he would not enter the presidential election, noting that the family was still grieving. Instead, he campaigned for Hillary Clinton , who ultimately lost the election to Donald Trump.

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Biden remained involved in politics and was a vocal critic of Pres. Donald Trump. Biden himself faced censure when, in , various women accused him of inappropriate physical contact, notably hugging and kissing. Amid growing speculation that he would run for president in , Biden announced his candidacy in April , joining a crowded Democratic field. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

Joe Biden.

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Article Media. Info Print Cite. But in an August 23rd debate in Iowa, Biden never referred to Kinnock—and the charge of plagiarism helped drive him from the race. In , he was out of the race a day after the Iowa caucuses; and through the campaign, he was a marginal figure, with a poll rating roughly equal to former Cleveland Mayor Dennis Kucinich.

The political world took little note nor long remembered what he said, because he was a footnote in the Obama-Clinton-Edwards battle. The vice presidential debates were a different story. In his faceoff with Sarah Palin, Biden treated his cognitively challenged rival with respect, avoiding any direct attack on the governor, while aiming his fire at the GOP presidential candidate, John McCain, in measured terms.

And in addition to that, when that—and when that occurred, what did Romney do? Romney said, no, let Detroit go bankrupt. We moved in and helped people refinance their homes. Governor Romney said, no, let foreclosures hit the bottom.

Laughing Biden vs. polite Ryan: Who won?

My friend recently, in a speech in Washington, said 30 percent of the American people are takers. These people are my mom and dad, the people I grew up with, my neighbors. This was a two-person debate with a flexible format permitting time to answer questions in some detail and a skilled moderator Martha Raddatz who knew how to guide a conversation. And since Biden was debating a Republican adversary, he was free to employ sarcasm, ridicule and an eyeball rolling response to Ryan.