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What we do on Sunday morning in church feeds our faith, but it also helps us practice what God wants us to do in our daily lives. In fact, one other important thing many churches do on Sunday morning is to stand up and say together one of the three traditional Christian Creeds. We do that on Sunday, in part, so that when game time comes — when our faith is challenged, when are asked to say what we believe — we can do so.

If you grow up saying a creed every Sunday morning, when somebody asks you what you believe about God, you have practiced your answer.

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You know what to say. We need to go to church every week to keep our faith in good shape and to prepare us to put our faith in practice in our everyday lives.

But also understand that going to church is only a part of being a Christian. Never think that simply going to church on Sunday is what it means to be a Christian. Hello, I have data that is reported every 28 days or 13 times per year.

I need to compare the current value with the previous value from last year reported days prior. Since the data is reported every 28 days I just need to take the MAX date and the date from days before. I have a DIMdate table and fact table.

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The fact table is sturucture with a customer, TDP value, and date. The easiest way I have found to do this is by adding a day overall number, basically a unique row id 1,2,3,4,5 etc I use this to navigate back a froward through my date range. Just add an identity field that keeps on going from the first day of your date dimension until the last day. I have multiple dates for multiple customers.

PERFECT! Dead Sea Scroll Discovery - 70 YEARS X 364 DAYS = FEBRUARY 16, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im pretty new to PoweerBI. Would this be an index column of the DimDate table? This is a sample of my source table. Experience a limitless analytics service built to ingest, prep, manage, and serve data for immediate use in Power BI.