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The first thing you should question is the time needed for a segment to generate. It costs resources on the ESPs end to process data to display a list of matching subscribers. This means that the speed of this process will be different between vendors. To get a benchmark for speed ask for another, more complex segment, just like this one:.

In a case of a good segmentation module, the time it takes for generating a list of matching subscribers should take less than a minute , regardless of how complex the segment definition is. Automatic messages require dynamic segments, which to adjust to time restrictions. For example, segment selecting people who opened the message on a mobile device yesterday needs to stay valid every day, with no need to recreate it. The process of browsing database to find email address usually involves SQL queries that run in the background.

SQL Structured Query Language is a programming language designed for managing data stored in databases. Intricate segmentation scenarios should not demand SQL knowledge from the user. Building segments should be easy enough, so a user with no IT background can use it. Look for a segmentation module with a smooth interface, but powerful additions, like an interface to create and run custom SQL queries, that can be used whenever needed.


ESPs usually design their segmentation modules as a drag and drop or visual segmentation. Both ways can be user-friendly and provide you with all necessary features. A simple interface is an asset for the segmentation module. Drag and drop design is just one way of making it easy. Such solution makes it possible to pick elements like i. Visual segmentation, on the other hand, usually allows to pick restrictions from a list. Some ESPs put considerable attention to the usability of their solutions and the way they designed their segmentation interface can be different. The points below will help you to find the ESP that has the best segmentation module for your needs.

So, whenever talking to an ESP check if:.

Modern email marketing requires the ability to adjust to every business scenario using swiftly running segmentation. A journey of selecting email software begins with a list of features you need for running email marketing campaigns. Then, from the list of matching vendors you select the ones with reasonable pricing.

From the list of matching vendors, you select the ones with reasonable pricing. You end up with a couple or few email providers that look to be a good fit. Keep the tips above in mind will help you select the best vendor and keep your money in your pocket. As an expert in email and deliverability. Marcin brings years of experience managing email programs for top clients. ExpertSender is an ESP for medium-sized and enterprise-grade companies.

With offices located in the US, EU, Russia and China it deploys 15 billion email messages on behalf of its clients every year. May I ask: You are relying on dhcp of the router to assign an IP to this device correct? Is it possible to assign the module a fixed IP that way the router could route traffic to it easier.

Hi, If you want to assign the module a fixed ip. You can set an ip with this command: wifi. You can use the official SDK to compile your own firmware: github. Looks good what you published. Please let me know how this project works out for you, Rui. Hello Rui, thanks very much for introducing the esp to us.

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This is a great project, and very enjoyable to use. I was wondering if there is a way to get the html to display on apple devices. I can see it on my desktop computer using google chrome and also on my kindle but it will not load on the apple iphone browser. Any ideas? Thanks for your efforts and for your patience in answering all the questions. Mark Z Lowell, Indiana. It should work just fine Mark. Can you test on google Chrome? Rui, Thanks for posting this example.

Tried on iPhone 4s, 5s and 6 Plus but no dice. However, if I go straight for the URL with the request set, as Still no page showing up. I downloaded and installed Chrome on the 4s, and it worked. Seems there is something off with Safari on iPhones then. It would be nice to have a workaround for Safari at least. Eh, ok. Things got very weird in Chrome now. All of a sudden it showed me the HTML code instead of the rendered page.

I even re-flashed my chip, uploaded my init. I added proper doctype, head, title and body tags and closing them as well. Then it worked in Chrome again. I tried commenting out the doctype, head, title and body tags again, just for… fun? Then it stopped working again. The iPhone wants to receive a http header.

Read w3schools. I am using the header 1 tag. I wanted to make header 1 bigger.

TUTORIAL: Quickly getting started with ESP32 / ESP32S in 5 - 10 minutes! Beginner Friendly! Arduino!

Can I alter the style sheet in lua? Also I would like to make the buttons and the button text about 3 times bigger.

Build an ESP Web Server - Code and Schematics (NodeMCU) | Random Nerd Tutorials

Hi Rui, Great work I am planning to use arduino with ethernet module for home automation. I want to control this automation with my android phone via internet. As far as I understand, I need a web server in my computer for this. Can you explain how to create my server? Got this project up and running without too much trouble.


Is your desktop computer connected to your router via Ethernet? Both are hard wired to the router via cat 5 cable. Maybe something to do with port settings on my router? Depending on the browser.

Hi Helmut, You can scroll it. Helmut, After experimenting a bit more with additional HTML tags, my iPhone now displays the server page correctly. Here is my modified lua code:.

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I recently made Lua based temp sensor. Few points to keep in my mind based on my experience. Here are home automation ideas. LPG Gas.