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Frauen setzen sich durch. Frauen reisen im Jahrhundert durch die Welt. Charlotte Kerner: Sternenflug und Sonnenfeuer. Klein Hg. Jahrhundert ist weiblich.

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Vom Kinderwunsch zum Wunschkind. Das Lesbenhandbuch Nicholas D. Bericht aus Pommern bis Kwan und Anna E. Lerner: Das missdeutete Geschlecht. Lerner: Was Frauen verschweigen. Lerner: Wohin mit meiner Wut? Lightfoot-Klein: Odyssee einer Frau in Afrika. Eine Lebensgeschichte H. Lightfoot-Klein: Das grausame Ritual. Schnell, angemessen und intelligent kontern Claudia Ludwig Hg. Henriette Arendt, die erste Polizeiassistentin Stuttgarts — Die wahre Geschichte von Lon.

Mehari: Feuerherz Senait G. Frau und Flug Antonia Meiners Hg. Oder wie wir wurden, was wir nicht werden sollten Antonia Meiners Hg.

Frauen ganz oben Nick Metarn: Frauenpower. Nonnen und Rebellinnen. Vom Drogen-Jetset in den Frauenknast. Erste deutsche Ballonfahrerin. Lisa Moos: Das erste Mal und immer wieder. Tagebuchroman vom Drogenstrich Christiane Naumann Hg. Jahrhundert Isabel Nitzsche: Abenteuer Karriere. Gewalt gegen Frauen. Jahrhundert A. Susan Owen: Bad Girls. Von den Tudors zu den Windsors Marita A. Maitreyi D.

Piontek: Das Tao der Frau. Piontek: Weibliches Manifest. Lebe anders. Pusch und Susanne Gretter Hg. Pusch und Andrea Schweers Hg. This and other participatory writing projects of the eighties 14 take electronic text transmission directly in the form of collaborative projects:. Especially however, this contact allowed the idea to grow of collecting and presenting the world of fairy tales , hitherto only kept alive by oral tradition, preserved between two book covers, and so securing them for posterity..

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In , when they returned to Kassel after their studies, the brothers began their collecting activities.. To this end, the components and respective goals of this project are four-fold :. Zu diesem Ende sind die Bestandteile und jeweilige Ziele dieses Projektes vierfach :. These are abilities which little and big people can learn to rediscover in themselves as a kind of sacrifice of the animals for us..

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Her time in Nigeria began like a fairy tale.. However, there are also kind water sprites that help millers and harmlessly sit around on branches of willows smoking a pipe and playing the violin at twilight in fairy tales and legends as well.. Stroke of luck - serendipity is her last program called and takes the audience to unexpected, fairytales and idyll.. In the footsteps of those Three Princes of Serendip, according to a Persian fairy tale from the 13th Century, countless exotic travel souvenirs of composers from more than years will sound.. Ancient pilgrim songs, works of the children of fortune Mozart and Mendelssohn, transcriptions with sudden value, oriental puzzling scents, Wagner in the salon, a request concert and the prize winners ' concert in conjunction with the Concours Ernst Haefliger are a few intimations for the route between the 3rd and the 17th August August With the new edition of , which contained William s stylistic as well as dramaturgical corrections and which, like the edition, comprised about fairy tales , the transformation from shelf warmer to best seller began..

This musical fairy tale , performed by many famous francophone artists, was a journey right into the heart of everyone? Since ? Le Petit Arthur? Seit wird? No consecutive story is being told here and no characters are painted out ; instead, the audience is constantly kept on their toes, as it were, while a film interlude gives way to a song of strength or a quotation from Heine or Benn segues to a variety number..

Soon, the Meinings will once again be combining their love of fairy tales with their interest in music-based productions and the character of the big bad wolf:. Through an interplay of text and rhythmically moving, highly detailed installations of bizarre figures, the film condenses the tales of woe and most intimate psychological depths of several people.. The viewer is drawn into its spell by the clear composition, radically weird worlds of images and sensual music forming a contrast to this..

Klare Komposition, radikal skurrile Bilderwelten und die dazu kontrastierende, sinnliche Musik ziehen den Zuschauer in seinen Bann.. A story of people smugglers, agents, slave traders, and the prospect of a better life :. Martin Pollack tells the tale of the people who sought their fortune in America at the turn of the twentieth century.. Asylum at the Stadtmuseum tells the tale of an imaginary journey made by two female artists in the company of fifty traditional African puppets and masks that they first met in the storeroom of the Puppet Theater Collection.. At the Museum of Art and Cultural History in Dortmund, you can walk through centuries in a few steps :.

The history of the town of Dortmund, the medieval period, the effects of industrialisation, the Twenties and rural Westphalia can all be experienced here.. Ranging from episodic structures to long shots and collages, these moving images tell tales of people on the lookout, sleepless nights and unanticipated blows..

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Of people running from the truth, fighting reality and chasing after that big break.. Apart from this, Sandra Strunz creates her own projects again and again, sometimes with the dramaturg Viola Hasselberg.. Enter the slums of 19th century Berlin and the Silesian Station Stalls, where a working girl tells tales of horrible human body bits appearing in sausages!. Willkommen in Friedrichshain, dem Elendsviertel von Berlin im These details showed that the music alone can tell a tale and create suspense..

As the evening progressed the technical know-how of the instrumentalists protruded in wonderful solo parts for example in the violin.. We are using the following form field to detect spammers. Please do leave them untouched. Otherwise your message will be regarded as spam. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that the vocabulary items in this list are only available in this browser. Once you have copied them to the vocabulary trainer, they are available from everywhere.

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