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It is self-explanatory that for exposing large scale corruption and questioning the authorities of TTD, this action has been taken by TTD citing retirement age. Further priests of Tirumala temple have not opted for a scale of pay with promotion benefits and are also not eligible for any post-retirement benefits. That being the case without the benefits of regular employment it would be unfair to insist on their retirement. TTD board has no powers to retire them. They are continued under a scheme approved by the dharmic parishadas under the act. Tirumala priests filed this scheme in the Supreme Court and withdrew their case there as their demands were taken care of under the scheme.

Hence only dharmic parishad with the consent of Supreme Court can amend the scheme.

Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram -

Present government for reasons best known has not constituted the dharmic parishad in the last four years. In the absence of the dharmic parishad board cannot retire the priests. The message seems to be if you question on relevant issues you are out.

With regard to the interference into Hindu religious institutions, how could Andhra Pradesh Government interfere Into Hindu religion when they cannot do it in any other religion such as Islam and Christianity. Is such interference into Hindu religion alone is permitted by the Constitution? We the people in general and Hindus in particular require explanations in this regard. Now as true hindus, we strongly question the authority of the government of Andhra Pradesh to run a temple like that of Lord Balaji, whose daily offerings and other income runs in crores.

We demand an open audit, and a CBI enquiry into the following irregularities and request the Centre to intervene at the earliest:. We would like to know the whereabouts of the same after the last audit was conducted in , whether they are still existing or not, shape and size, all these details to be decided by conducting an open public enquiry transparently.

In this context every devotee deserves an explanation. We also wish to know if artificial jewellery has been made to replace the antique real ones.

Manual Timeless Search (The Adventures Of Janr Ssor)

We wish to get information on the sacrilegious sale of the Lords laddus in the black market and how the laddus are hidden in the cover of ambulances that go unchecked? Sri Ramana Dikshitulu indicated about the sanctity of Prasadam Laddus distributed to devotees. As per Hindu dharma, prasadam should be distributed and sold to public only after offering to the Lord. Is it not cheating the devotees for commercial gains?

Can Governments resort to such acts.

Text-book of paleontology

When Honourable Supreme Court, High Courts on many occasions given directions, refraining the interference of any agency or government into the activities of the temple, what made them to interfere and for what gains? We also question the sanctity of the Board and how a board take decisions on Hindu dharmika issues as most of the members are not having spiritual, dharmic and religious background or even adequate administrative knowledge for that matter.

Some board members having criminal cases against them.

Is such postings by State Government possible in respect to any other religion? How the Government can use religious place for their political compulsions and gains, by appointing such members in Board. We can easily understand the sanctity of such appointment when the hereditary Archakas are also along with other dharmic members are not made members of such board as the board are said to be formulated to work for smooth functioning of the temple. We after years of tolerance have now decided to take the issue forward to protect the Hindu Religion. We question the credibility of postings like those of Dollar Seshadri.

Lord Shiva is bathed only 6 times a year, and on the previous night of Ardra , the bath rituals are performed on a grand scale. The temple is administered by an exclusive group of Brahmans who are learned in the Vedas and Yagnas sacrifices called Dikshitars. The entire community of Diskhitars live in Chidambaram and also serve as the hereditary trustees of the temple.

They are also called Thillai Muvayiravar or the Three Thousand of Thillai [] Every Dikshitar once he is married becomes as of right a trustee and archaka of the temple. A practice unique to the community is that the priests wear the tuft of hair in front of the head similar to the Nambuthiri Brahmans of Kerala. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Chidambaram Temple Thillai Nataraja Temple. Scriptures and texts. One of the temple's pillared halls before demolition in late 19th-century.

Histoire du roman de spiritualité en France - Birahim Thioune

Two distinct styled gopurams of the Chidambaram temple. The artwork narrates religious and secular stories from Hindu texts. The circumambulation paths in shrines, the mandapa's moulded plinth and the pilgrim hall pillars of the Nataraja temple are carved with reliefs showing dancers and musicians.

Many other deities, including Vishnu, Durga, Krishna, Ganesha, Kartikeya are all envisioned as dancers amongst other things. However, with Shiva the idea is most evolved.

The Ratnanyāsa (Placing of Gems) Ritual in the Devyāmata, an Early Śaiva Pratiṣṭhātantra

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Gopinatha Rao, Kalyan Kumar Dasgupta.

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Elements of Hindu iconography, Volume 1, Part 1. Murthy, Vol. II : — The city of the cosmic dance: Chidambaram. Orient Longman. South India and Her Muhammadan Invaders. Asian Educational Services. Navlinks Indian Railways. The Rituals of Chidambaram. Institute of Asian Studies. A History of India.

Balasubrahmanyam , pp. Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal. Jaico Reprinted, Orig Year: World Archaeology. Informa UK Limited. Balasubrahmanyam , p. Malik Kafur's forces brought to an abrupt end all of the indigenous ruling houses of Southern India, not one of which was able to withstand the assault or outlive the conquest. Virtually every city of importance in the Kannada, Telugu and Tamil zones succumbed to the raids of Malik Kafur; forts were destroyed, palaces dismantled and temple sanctuaries wrecked in the search for treasure.