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Bear p. Bear Catches Old Mr. Bull-Frog p. Terrapin Shows His Strength p. The End of Mr. Fox Gets into Serious Business p. Rabbit Succeeded in Raising a Dust p. A Plantation Witch p. Why the Negro Is Black p. The Sad Fate of Mr. Fox and Miss Goose p. Brother Fox Catches Mr. Horse p. Brother Rabbit and the Little Girl p. Brother Rabbit's Astonishing Prank p.


Brother Rabbit Secures a Mansion p. Lion Hunts for Mr. Man p. The Story of the Pigs p. Benjamin Ram and His Wonderful Fiddle p. Brother Rabbit's Riddle p. Rooster Lost His Dinner p. Brother Rabbit Breaks Up a Party p. Brother Terrapin Deceives Brother Buzzard p. Brother Fox Covets the Quills p. Fox Figures As an Incendiary p. A Dream and a Story p. The Moon in the Mill-Pond p. Brother Rabbit Takes Some Exercise p. Man Has Some Meat p. How Brother Rabbit Got the Meat p. African Jack p. Why the Alligator's Back Is Rough p. Brother Wolf Says Grace p.

Spirits, Seen and Unseen p. A Ghost Story p.

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Brother Rabbit and His Famous Foot p. Brother 'Possum Gets in Trouble p. Why the Guinea-Fowls Are Speckled p. Brother Rabbit's Love-Charm p.

Brother Rabbit Submits to a Test p. Brother Wolf Falls a Victim p. Brother Rabbit and the Mosquitoes p. The Pimmerly Plum p. Brother Rabbit Gets the Provisions p. Aunt Tempy's Story p. The Fire-Test p. The Cunning Snake p. Brother Wolf Gets in a Warm Place p. Brother Wolf Still in Trouble p.

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Brother Rabbit and Mr. Wildcat p. Benjamin Ram Defends Himself p. Brother Rabbit Pretends to Be Poisoned p. More Trouble for Brother Wolf p.

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Brother Rabbit Outdoes Mr. Brother Rabbit Takes a Walk p. Old Grinny Granny Wolf p.

Author:Joel Chandler Harris

How Wattle Weasel Was Caught p. Brother Rabbit Ties Mr. Lion p. Lion's Sad Predicament p. The Origin of the Ocean p. How the Bear Nursed the Little Alligator p. Dog Runs Brother Rabbit p. Brother Wolf and the Horned Cattle p. Brother Fox and the White Muscadines p. Hawk and Brother Buzzard p. Hawk and Brother Rabbit p. The Wise Bird and the Foolish Bird p. Brother Fox Makes a Narrow Escape p. Brother Fox's Fish-Trap p.

Brother Rabbit Rescues Brother Terrapin p.

The Night Before Christmas p. Crazy Sue's Story p. How a Witch Was Caught p. The Little Boy and His Dogs p. How Black Snake Caught the Wolf p.