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Brother also realized that man-made authority is not synonymous to "truth" since the police did the opposite in regards to hiding Left's murder: hiding the truth. Enraged from the revelation of another act of mankind being greedy and self-centered, especially at the loss of his brother Left, Brother soon found himself immersed in cold despair. Anger, hatred, rage and despair filled Brother, and for nine days and nine nights, he was consumed by his own pain, misery and sorrow.

On the morning of the tenth day, however, he had a divine revelation: Mankind was rife with base, carnal, animalistic, primitive desires, and needed to be purified so that a new world could come into being. Mankind was completely corrupted by greed and Brother was tasked to purify the human race, bringing a higher level of purer consciousness, and to create a new world without corruption.

God had spoken to Brother and given him a mission, as well as gave Brother his esper abilities to fulfill this mission and change the world. Brother decided to dedicate his life to fulfill this mission. When Brother was 26, he created Free the Soul to teach humanity the truth and show humanity the way to salvation. Free the Soul eventually amassed over 1,, followers.

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His teachings were considered too profound for ordinary people to understand, but the core ideas of his doctrine were to separate one's self from worldliness, to destroy greed, and divorce the soul from the body in order to cleanse it. Those who followed Brother's teachings with discipline and devotion would be reborn as a "new race", in an equal world with no war, conflict, poverty or starvation. They aim to do what they thought was needed to be done to bring them closer to the new world that Free the Soul promises.

There were some people that might call them terrorists. Once Free the Soul was established, Brother devoted his resources on researching human cloning, so that he could create the new species he foretold. He abducted a team of scientists that included Alice's father from a research facility in the United States and, a year later, managed to have them create the first ten human clones from Left's DNA.


Those ten clones were the first generation of Myrmidons, and were all given the same name as Left to keep with his ideas for a perfect world. A scalpel drenched in blood from multiple suicides, its sharp blade streaked with gore.

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Radical-6 , a virus intended to kill all of humanity, has leaked into Rhizome 9. Radical-6 was a virus created by Free the Soul and unleashed by Brother in his grief at the death of the original Left. Several players in Rhizome 9 contract Radical-6 and kill themselves in several endings. Sigma also shows symptoms of Radical-6 in the Security room on Luna's route when Phi appears to speak faster than Sigma can comprehend, however he feels no suicidal urges and seemingly recovers after resting for a bit.

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The desperate players group suicide to escape the Nonary Game by separating their consciousnesses from their bodies. All participants except for Quark and possibly K whose fate is unknown die from suicide, using a scalpel in the infirmary to slash their throats and bodies open in order to free their souls from their fleshy bodies in order to purify their consciousnesses from this material world. Each player passes the scalpel from one player to another, slashing their throats and bodies open. Sigma eventually slashes his throat open and bleeds to death on the floor to free his soul in order to end this nightmarish hell.

Eventually, Sigma finds a timeline in which he uses his timeline-jumping ability to prevent any bombs from being detonated, as well as preventing any players from killing themselves. Sigma, Phi and Tenmyouji enter room Q. Phi and Sigma jump back into the past, one hour before the start of the Nonary Game, to prevent Dio from killing Akane. By saving her, they altered the past, bringing a new future.

Akane ties a key to Sigma around his ankle and tells him "tu fui, ego eris", just before he is forcibly pushed back into the future. Sigma and the group successfully escape through the Number Nine Door, leaving Dio handcuffed to a sink in the Infirmary. Upon leaving the facility, they find out from Tenmyouji that they were on the Moon and that the current date is January 25th, He also explains that Radical-6 caused 18 antimatter reactors to explode, which caused a nuclear winter.

In other words,. Millions of graves for the deceased unleashed by Brother's anger and hatred of humanity, full of millions of mountains of dead, rotting corpses everywhere. Sigma leads everyone to the B. Garden , where he unlocks the grave after remember the key tied to his ankle and seeing "tu fui, ego eris" on it.

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A treatment pod appears, presumably holding Akane. However, it must defrost for a while before it can be opened. While they wait, K explains about everyone's importance in the Nonary Game. When K finishes, the pod opens, revealing a Sigma clone. Everyone is confused who he is, saying that they've never seen anyone like him before. Sigma tries to get everyone to stop playing around, but no one seems to be joking.

Panicking, Sigma finds a small pond in the garden and looks at his reflection. Shocked, Sigma discovers his year old mind in an older version of himself. Suddenly, K sheds his armor showing that, in this timeline, K was actually Akane. Akane explains that this was all a part of the AB Plan and that his current young mind switched places with his older mind. Akane explains that Sigma was there to develop his time jumping abilities along with Phi. From this, it is revealed:.

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  5. With his training complete, Akane tells Sigma that it is his time to return to his past body. Akane then proceeds to attack Phi with the knife she recovered earlier from Dio.

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    Sigma throws himself in front of Phi to protect her and is seemingly stabbed, but Akane merely hits him with the handle of the blade. Regardless, Sigma's and Phi's minds return to the past to April 13th, , the day of the antimatter plant explosions. A news reporter kills herself with a handgun to her head on TV on April 13, Sigma arrives in the past in Akane's headquarters on April 13, The building also contains three treatment pods, containing the frozen bodies of Clover, Alice, and Phi. Outside, Sigma hears terrified screaming and the wailing of sirens.

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    A TV turns on, a news report is running on it. A distressed and suicidal news reporter talks about the destruction caused by Radical-6, hopes for a day when the virus will disappear from Earth, and shoots herself in the head with a gun. A year-old Akane walks in, wearing her Zero mask and a Free the Soul robe. She tells Sigma that they are in her headquarters on April 13, , and are about to leave to go to Rhizome 9 tomorrow and that a Moon shuttle has already been prepared for him, Alice, Clover, and Phi.

    Akane tells Sigma that the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition is about to be set up, and that she attacked him in order to stress him out and cause him to time jump; she knows this because her own esper powers allow her to see the future.

    She also explains the purpose of the game and how Sigma has to spend the next 45 years mastering genetic engineering and AI programming to make the AB Project work. She also tells him that he will create Kyle, Luna, Lagomorph, the Chromatic Doors, the bracelets, and all aspects of the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition in order to succeed. After that, his consciousness would go back to December 25, , so he and Phi can help her investigate the Mars Mission Test Site and stop Radical-6 from ever spreading out. She says that it is up to Sigma and Phi to prevent the outbreak of Radical-6, which originated at the Mars Mission Test Site, and save humanity.

    Sigma also discovers that between Christmas and New Year's Eve, he lost his arms and his right eye in order to save a woman from the facility where Radical-6 first was reported, which was apparently full of traps. As a result, his arms were replaced by bionic ones and he is currently missing his right eye. Sigma looks at his arms with no ABT artificial biological tissue and realizes he's wearing an eyepatch. As Akane's explanation concludes, a slow rumble shakes Akane's headquarters. The nuclear reactors explode, killing millions of humans and animals. Outside, Sigma sees a huge mushroom cloud enveloping the city and wonders if he can prevent the outbreak of Radical-6 and vows to himself that he will stop Radical-6, no matter what.

    This extra epilogue is obtained by getting all Secret Archives. Obtaining a gold file gives you all the secret archives for that room, while the silver file only gives you half of them. It has been revealed that this ending is non-canon. So he wrote and added in Another Time, which was not voiced in Japan, and is not canonical to the storyline. Another Time is considered metafiction. Sometime after Kyle Klim's body was thawed out from about 36 hours of cold sleep,?

    In the same room is Luna, who refers to him as Kyle. Unsure why he was being called Kyle, Luna tells?