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Specialist development by learning best practices from other industries. Personal match with groups composed by carefully selected specialist profiles. A trust based confidential forum where ideas and challenges can be discussed openly. Innovation by recombination innovation — exposing your materials specialist to new inputs.

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We have a strong technical background with close ties to the Danish industry. As a member of our network group you have unlimited access to our online communication platform. The network groups are created with professional compatibility in focus.

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No conflict of interest. Sharing is key. Getting specialists within their fields together in one room, the ideas will rise and problems will be solved. The themes of each meeting are carefully selected as a collaboration between the network manager and members, the themes are fitted to be relevant for the group. There is an increased focus on the value of your network. Make yourself more attractive - expand your network.

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By combining experts from different industries, recombination innovation will happen. By combining specialists from major companies with specialists in start-ups, interesting partnerships can develop. The network groups are still in the startup phase.

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  5. All groups will launch primo , but you can allready apply using our sign-up formula here. Free prototype groups will launch in the fall of or spring Fast Track is an informal English phrase meaning "the quickest and most direct route to achievement of a goal, as in competing for professional advancement". By definition, it implies that a less direct, slower route also exists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Look up fast track in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. TV series , a U. This mindset is rooted in one word: impact. By leveraging new technologies, talent, strong ecosystems, agile leadership, and ingenious approaches to business, Silicon Valley impacts entire industries in ways that shape the world.

    For a company to thrive—or even survive—in the next decade, its leaders will need to understand the Silicon Valley mindset and be able to put it to work. Get in touch.

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    We give executives and their key people and key partners access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and mindset and we help integrate this into their companies in order to get real impact. Our Services. We are a network structure that works with the best minds and organizations in and around Silicon Valley.

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