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It also should be kept in mind that nearly every bill must travel the same long road in each house. A Senate-passed bill may be referred to one or more committees when it reaches the House of Representatives. And the same is true in the Senate of a House-passed measure. In the House of Representatives, committees are grouped under Councils. Once a bill has been reported favorably by all committees of reference, it is automatically referred to the council of the committee of the first reference unless the Speaker determines otherwise when the bill is first referenced.

Councils have the same authority and may take the same action on bills as committees. The Rules and Calendar Committee in the Senate and the Procedural and Redistricting Council in the House determine the order in which bills are scheduled for consideration on the floor of the respective chambers.

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Search Statutes: The Committee Process. The committee process goes through several different phases, which include:. Committees: A General Introduction The committee is the heart of the legislative process. The committee does what the Senate and the House of Representatives could not do as well by functioning as a whole.

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The committee can and should do the fact-finding groundwork. Select Committees Select committees are those that have been appointed, or selected to perform a specific task. The life of a select committee may last for a few minutes for example, the time required for one house to notify another of its readiness to transact business on the opening day of the legislative session, or a select committee might last for years.

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The powers of each select committee are set forth in the action creating it. Some are given the authority to subpoena witnesses and open records.

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Some are empowered to employ counsel and clerical assistance. Conference Committee For a bill to become an act it must be passed by both houses in precisely the same words and figures. The second house frequently amends and returns the bill to the house of origin. In the case of significant bills, with substantial differences, the shortcut of a conference committee likely will be taken almost immediately.

Conference committees are among the oldest of lawmaking procedures, dating back to early days of the British Parliament. In America, colonial legislatures used conference committees. In Congress, a conference committee was appointed on its second day, in A conference committee in reality is composed of separate committees from the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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As separate committees, they vote separately, not only on the final product but on any subsidiary questions put to a vote. A majority of each committee prevails. Conference committees are intended to reconcile differences. This suggests a give-and-take process because if a majority of the conferees from either house refuses to budge, the conference would be stalemated and the bill could fail.

However, this rarely happens.

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The Senate and House have the conference committee report presented on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. The implementing bill contains provisions necessary to effect the general appropriations bill. These bills are effective for one fiscal year only. A conforming bill is a bill that amends the Florida Statutes to provide for specific changes in the general appropriations bill. Claim bill A bill that presents a claim to compensate a particular individual or entity for injuries or losses caused by the negligence or error of a public officer or agency.

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In these instances the bill is rewritten and becomes a committee substitute. The next committee of reference may again rewrite the bill, and more than one bill may be combined. The committee substitute continues to carry the identifying number of the original bill filed. The use of companion bills allows bills in each body to move through the committee process at the same time. Compare bill As used in bill history, bills that have selected provisions that are similar in text.

Engrossed bill E1, 1st Eng.


The version of a measure that incorporates adopted floor amendments. The revision is done in the house of origin and engrossed under the supervision of the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House. Enrolled bill ER A Senate or House measure approved by both houses and signed by the legislative officers, which is sent to the Governor for action and transmittal to the Secretary of State or filed directly with the Secretary of State.

The bill is enrolled in the house of origin under the supervision of the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House. General bill SB, HB A bill of general statewide interest or whose provisions apply to the entire state. Identical bill As used in bill history, companion bills that are identical word-for-word, including titles. Local bill or Special Act A bill that applies to an area or group that is less than the total area or population of the state.

Memorial SM, HM A measure addressed to an executive agency or another legislative body, usually Congress, which expresses the consensus of the Florida Legislature or urges that certain action be taken on a matter within the jurisdiction of the agency or body to which it is addressed.