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This series on the book of Revelation will hit the significant points of each chapter.

Why God Miraculously Gives Gemstones from Heaven - The Rising Light

My goal is to provide a snapshot — a Cliff Notes version, if you will — of what the book of Revelation is teaching us. What you will read in this series is based on my studies and my understanding of the Bible, God, and what the Holy Spirit reveals to me. It is in no way meant to be an exhaustive study. It is important to note that the book is called Revelation and not RevelationS , plural.

I emphasis this because it is a common mistake that people make when talking about the book. Revelation is singular — it talks about the single revelation God gave to Jesus to give to John to give to us. Revelation 1 is a great opener for the drama to follow. Here we have an awesome picture of Who Jesus Christ is and of His eternal state.

The human author of Revelation is the apostle John. He was arrested and taken to the Isle of Patmos because of the Gospel v. While John was meditating, the Lord intervened and showed him what was coming in the future, with strict orders to write what he saw v. Within Revelation 1, John gives a testimony of Jesus Christ from his perspective and then details what Jesus looks like for us to see. This is important to establish the authority of this revelation. Revelation has a special blessing for those who read and hear what God has to say.

Revelation 1 also sets the stage for Jesus to write letters to the seven churches of Asia v. One of the most prominent features of the Revelation 1 is the physical characteristics of Jesus. When Jesus came to Earth the first time, He was born of a virgin Isaiah ; Matthew and He came to suffer Isaiah 53 and to die for the sins of the whole world 1 John The second time He comes He will be in power and great glory Luke When Jesus ascended up to Heaven, He received His glorified body and this is what we see partially described here.

John is firmly establishing that this is the One and Only God. There are more promises that we can gather from Revelation 1; however, I want to highlight three. How do I know this? With Jesus rising from the dead, Paul talking about rising from the dead, and knowing that God cannot lie Titus , we can safely assume that we shall live forever with God. We are washed and made holy by the blood of the Lamb 1 Peter and guaranteed eternal life John ; God does not want us to face His wrath that comes in the later chapters of Revelation.

We also see that we will not go through the horrible events of the Tribulation that we are about to read!

Jesus is the faithful witness of God Revelation and we can trust what He says. By spending time diligently studying one chapter at a time, you can gain so much insight and will be able to connect it with other passages in the Bible. I strongly urge you to delve deeply into the Scriptures and gather your own gems as we continue with this series! Do you want to face the horrors of the coming Tribulation? Find out how to escape here! A place church where believers and people searching for the truth through the word of God , has become a place of error with damnable heresy!

This of course is what Satan himself uses to keep lost people lost, and to keep believers confused and teaching error. There remains no more sacrifice for sins and therefore remains a certain condemnation of hellfire for such an one. Sounds scary right? To some believers it can even overthrow their faith and put them back under the legalistic law.

We all know this phrase right? Turn from sin! Why would this even be mentioned in the same chapter if we have to stop our willful sin to be saved? Does it really matter what the context of a chapter is to fully understand the verse? A believer can never be unperfected by sin they do in the future. We all sin by nature — willfully or not.

Gemstones from Heaven

So, what is verse 26 saying? Jewish believers would fall under a fearful judgment with fiery indignation that would devour them. This is not a judgment of everlasting punishment for the devil and his angels. A believer who believes they can lose their salvation because of sin, must have forgotten that Jesus Christ died for their sins on the cross.

Gems in New Jerusalem

A person who believes they can lose their salvation might have never even been given the clear Gospel and is lost. These Jewish believers were under the chastening hand of their Heavenly Father because of willfully going back under the law despite how they were sanctified once and forever by faith in what Jesus did for them.

Just how God has no pleasure in burnt offerings and the sacrifice of animals for sins But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul. I hope this has helped anyone who has read this post. Are you spending an eternity with God? If you believe you are spending forever with God because of how you live, then you are deceived. The devil is using false preachers and teachers to keep you lost.

Going to Heaven is a free gift. He made a way so you can be forgiven of all your sins and made His child forever. We as sinners can never be as righteous as God. Whether you sin willfully or not, no amount of religion or law keeping can take your sins away and make you righteous before God. If you said NO, then the Gospel is for you!

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He came to save the lost. If you are trying to be saved, change your mind repent and believe the Gospel. He paid your sin debt in full. After He was buried, He came back from the dead three days later to show that He is God. God the Father was satisfied with His sacrifice. Forgiven of all sins and made a child of the living God!

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It truly is that simple! Forgiven of all past, present, and future sins. Are you eligible for a crown? Learn how to become a child of the King here. As it is, all of mankind has a spot on Lake of Fire Lane, but the good news is that you can submit a change of address form. It's filled with quartz crystals,some gem stones ,and pyrite.

Umm,what is that ,I walk over,peer inside the top of the vase,and there sat a tiny lingam stone ,That I know I haven't placed in there. Things like this happen to me all the time though ,and it part of the whole how the spirit world works ,as per Allan kardec. I once had a dead squirrel ,intact,in rigor mortis ,not a mark on it ,just appear in the middle of my kitchen floor. Things like this happen to me all the time though ,and it part of the whole how the spirit world works I know exactly what you mean That night God gave them an amazing Christmas present as a sign that they were doing the right thing in choosing to devote themselves to Him rather than pursue material things and worldly goals.

On October 29th, Glenn Smith was sitting in his living room watching television and working on accounting with his laptop. At that evening his front door opened and His Savior Jesus Christ walked in, closed the door, walked right past him into the Smith's dining room and disappeared.

We know from Scripture that heaven is full of beauty and riches streets of gold, gates of pearls, throne room of jewels, etc. As a non religious person, the links do absolutely nothing to try to convince me. Cut out the indoctrinated religious stories in the links and what do you have? Manufactured gemstones being left out for a loved one by a loved one.

Gems From Heaven - Rings & Stones - Full Documentary - HD

Let me guess, these folks will next offer to come to your church to preach the good word about how you can get such bounty from the Lord - oh, and no doubt, we'll need to do a special passing of the plate to help them support their ministry and good works. The people I know have about 15 of these stones from going to a event with the Smith guy. I've looked at them and they range from the size of a grain of rice up to what could be a center piece of a ring. In various colors and various cuts.

These people have no reason to lie to me, so I have to believe that they honestly found these stones during that event. They paid nothing to get in and I don't know if they made any donations or not, but such would not have been required. If they are real gemstones, I can't see this Smith guy handing out a dozen stones each to hundreds of people.