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Psychointegration is the Alchemy of the XXI century, although Johnakan had already developed centuries ago. Interlocutor: Just like Dianetics? Ruanel : Not so much, because what Psychointegration is doing at this time is the alchemic transmutation: it transmutes the negative into positive. And this can only be achieved through detachment. Interlocutor: I understand Ruanel : When I began gestating Dianetics in my decoder, what it does and continues doing, is to eradicate, and here I don't speak of integration, but directly of elimination of hypnotic orders or more technically called engrams, so that the person doesn't have that mental conditioning in his decoder, But its function is not to transmute but to extirpate.

Do you understand what I mean? Interlocutor: I understand perfectly. Dianetics removes the pain contained in the engram and then the incident automatically goes from the reactive mind to the bank of the analytic mind as an experience, but the memory is no longer aberrative. Ruanel : Exactly.

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Alchemy, on the other hand, transforms. Interlocutor: But who was definitely Fulcanelli? People have said that he could be Canseliet himself Ruanel : No, he was not Canseliet , since this one was his disciple. There were many people who were Spirits of Light who accompanied and also collaborated with Fulcanelli , in that life and in other previous lives. Interlocutor: But who was hidden behind the name of Fulcanelli?

French alchemists | Revolvy

Ruanel : He was an incarnated being who was only seeking to transmute the souls. Interlocutor: Well, but he must have had some name Ruanel : Don't forget that mystery impels the quest Interlocutor: Yes, I understand, but, at least I would like to know if he is somebody of the long list of possible candidates, among them I can name: Pierre Dujols , Jaubert an unknown character , a brother of Dujols , the writer J.

These are names were proposed, although without conviction, by Hector Morel, an Argentinean investigator of the esoteric Ruanel : You can discard all those hypotheses. Interlocutor: Then the truth is that Canseliet was his disciple and Fulcanelli gave him the manuscripts Ruanel : The original manuscripts got lost. Ruanel : They are apocryphal writings. In that time the paper was not of good quality and the pages became yellowish. Besides, there were no means to conserve them as you have now. Several authors, who studied the originals and copied them later on, distorted them in the way they like it throughout time.

17th-century alchemists

Interlocutor: And the originals? Ruanel : They simply threw them away. Ruanel : The little that has arrived until your time was distorted due to interpolations. Interlocutor: It seems that history always repeats itself Was Fulcanelli somebody very famous or he was unknown during his time? Ruanel : He was a very well-known character, but he preferred to keep his anonymity because in that time Alchemy was considered verbosity.


Fulcanelli needed to preserve his prestige due to the highest function he had and if he had given to know his studies, he would have earned surely many enemies and his mission would have been hindered or been impossible. Interlocutor: Master, Could you give us an indication, so that those who are searching the truth can discover who Fulcanelli was? Ruanel : Behind the name Fulcanelli was hidden the most outstanding personality in the XVI century, and his name even appears among the more important characters of the second millennium.

One of his sentences passed to history: "Paris is well worth a mass.

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Interlocutor: Here I have the preface of the work of Fulcanelli "The mystery of the cathedrals" , written by E. The man faded away, Only his memory remains. I cannot without sorrow recall the image of that industrious and wise Master to whom I owe everything, and lament that he soon departed… My Master knew this.

He disappeared when the fatal hour struck, when the Sign was accomplished. Who, then, would dare to set himself above the Law?

Twilight Language: An Appreciation

As for me, in spite of the anguish of a painful but inevitable separation. I ask you, although it seems obvious, if Canseliet was referring in these terms to his Master's unforeseen assassination Ruanel : Because, as I already said, in the Kingdom of Britain, during that time, in order to protect those great wise men, because there were many more, they distorted the whole story, and even the writers have corrected some manuscripts saying that Alchemy was the transmutation of the elements because that was more attractive.

Who would be interested in the transformation of the soul in than time? Obviously nobody would be interested, or perhaps very few people. Many people were interested in transforming metals into gold though. Interlocutor: Do the cathedrals have in fact something hermetic? These buildings had hidden sliding doors that opened to secret passageways, which in turn led to rooms where they kept valuable documents and books.

Interlocutor: There is a movie that showed exactly something like that. I remember this film very well. Ruanel : During that time it was commonplace to have hidden rooms because they were always at war, and that was the only way to protect the most valuable possessions.


Interlocutor: But, Concretely, does the structure of the cathedrals have some power? I mean if the design has some mystery. Ruanel : In that time they didn't have the necessary knowledge to make something like that. What happens is that Fulcanelli was also a brilliant architect and he designed two or three chambers in some cathedrals with similar powers to the Pyramids of Egypt in order to attract energy from the space.

The Politics of Secrecy: Fulcanelli and the Secret of the End of Time

Ruanel : Correct, but they were also energy channels. Interlocutor: Then, the mystery of the cathedrals had nothing to do with the external structures? Ruanel : No, nothing at all. Interlocutor: Well, I believe that for the time being, we can leave this topic here.

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Ruanel : I leave all my Light to you. Interlocutor: Thank you, Master, and see you later. Ruanel : Here I am again with you. Interlocutor: Hello, Master, I needed you more than ever. Will you give some message before we go directly to the questions? Interlocutor: Well. My first question is related to the name of Fulcanelli , since in the last session this issue was left pending. Ruanel : This entity was favored by the Energies Lipikas and he had a contact with the Akashic Records and then his reincarnative memory worked in a very high percentage.

Ruanel : Correct. He used the same alias as the previous reincarnation he had. Interlocutor: That is to say, in a previous life Fulcanelli , the alchemist, was also called Fulcanelli? Interlocutor: Which time are we talking about? I mean to the alchemist. Ruanel : to Note that it is not a question here of proportions, but an independent chemical combination of relative quantities. For us to understand, take an example and assume that the material represented by ROE realgar or natural arsenic sulfide.

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R, half of RE may be sulfur realgar or its arsenic, which are similar or different, depending on whether one considers the sulfur arsenic separately or combined in realgar. So that RER is obtained by realgar increased sulfur, which is regarded as forming half of realgar, or arsenic, considered as the other half in the same red sulfide.