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Stuart Hughes campaign for U. Senate against Ted Kennedy!

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Political Director Georgia Hollister Isman explained how the Mass Alliance helps elect progressives to the MA legislature, and introduced some of the candidates. The awards reception took place at the home of Marcia Peters and David Karaus. The event was held at the home of Marcia Peters and David Karaus. Learning from the Sixties : Memoir of an Organizer. John Maher. This memoir by a leading New Left organizer poses tough questions, provides some answers born from front-line experience, and challenges readers to do what it takes to save our country.

Noam Chomsky praises the book for its "very valuable insights, from the perspective of a leading and effective participant, into the highly significant popular movements of the past half century, their successes and failures, the lessons to be learned, the prospects for the future. It sought to change the nature of the state, to drive a wedge between finance and empire, to stress the importance of a planned economy for all, and to detach Britain from the imperial goals to which it had long been committed.

Today, the spirit of The May Day Manifesto offers a road map to a brighter future. What makes a young radical?

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Reissued to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of , Street Fighting Years captures the mood and energy of an era of hope and passion as Tariq Ali tracks the growing significance of the s protest movement, as well as his own formation as a leading political activist. It would take William F. Pepper, attorney and friend of King, thirty years to get to the bottom of a conspiracy that changed the course of American history.

In , the King family, represented by the author, brought a civil action lawsuit against Loyd Jowers and other co-conspirators. Seventy witnesses set out the details of a plot that involved J. The jury took an hour to find for the King family. They seized watches and watch parts, assembled and sold watches, and paid their own salaries.

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Their actions recaptured the ideals of May , when 11 million workers had gone on strike to demand greater autonomy and to overturn the status quo. In his riveting account of these events, first written in , Tariq Ali offers an eyewitness perspective on history, showing that this powerful popular movement was the only successful moment of the s revolutionary wave.

The victory led to the very first democratic election in the country and the unexpected birth of a new state, Bangladesh. It was , and temperatures were rising across the factories of the north as workers demanded better pay and conditions. Introduced by Rachel Kushner, the author of the best-selling The Flamethrowers, We Want Everything is the incendiary fictional account of events that led to a decade of revolt.

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His memoir relates a life of ideological and practical struggle, a never-resting endeavour to comprehend the workings of capitalism in the pursuit of revolution. Revolution in the Revolution? Lucid and compelling, it spares no personage, no institution, and no concept, taking on not only Russian and Chinese strategies but Trotskyism as well. In May , France stood on the verge of full-blooded revolution.

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Paris is a seething battlefield of barricades, burning cars and CS gas. It portrays his revolutionary struggle through the appropriate medium of the underground political comic—one of the most prominent countercultural art forms since the s.

Originally published in , Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman caused a storm of controversy. Michele Wallace blasted the masculine biases of the black politics that emerged from the sixties. She described how women remained marginalized by the patriarchal culture of Black Power, demonstrating the ways in which a genuine female subjectivity was blocked by the traditional myths of black womanhood. Grand Hotel Abyss combines biography, philosophy, and storytelling to reveal how the Frankfurt thinkers gathered in hopes of understanding the politics of culture during the rise of fascism.

Over fifty years after the Situationist International appeared, its legacy continues to inspire activists, artists and theorists around the world. Such a legend has accrued to this movement that the story of the SI now demands to be told in a contemporary voice capable of putting it into the context of twenty-first-century struggles. At once an extraordinary counter history of radical praxis and a call to arms in the age of financial crisis and the resurgence of the streets, The Spectacle of Disintegration recalls the hidden journeys taken in the attempt to leave the twentieth century, and plots an exit from the twenty first.