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What fate is this?


When will it stop? Please, whoever knows the answer , tell me: am I asleep or awake? The arrow is given by Diana in his sleep, subsequently stolen by Sylvanus, and then given to Aurilla, who returns it to Endymion as a token of her love. The hunter unconsciously insults Diana by declaring, so as to confirm his obedience to her law, that the love of the one who has given him the arrow—Aurilla, not Diana, he believes—is less dear to him than his dog I, 18 :. A lover I am not, nor have I ever been, nor shall I ever be.

And what if I would release you from the law I made? I would still not want to love. And what if the one who gave you the dart, would give a love that is due to your merit? You vilain, do you scorn me thus? Do you talk like that?

Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord

Go, go away from me. I feel ashamed of having been nice to you. Either Diana is delirious, or this is a dream.

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Now take this hand, Endymion. I, mortal shepherd, take the hand of a goddess? Love evens out any inequality. But when this triumph of mine will reach you, earthly goddesses, I want it to be shown to your eyes, dear beauties, on luminous, harmonious scenes.

Download PDF Linferno non li volle (Italian Edition)

Then you shall indeed be chaste, learned and beautiful ladies, but not rebellious to Cupid, for you will see clearly from my plain triumph that one can hardly flee love and that at times someone who refuses to love, becomes even more infatuated. A hero of the simple life, the satyr excels, like other operatic birdcatchers, at gluttony, greed, cowardice, and above all stupidity. Thus, in Act II, scene 7, he relates the amorous misdemeanors of his pigeon and donkey to Diana, and requests her permission to kill both animals on account of their disobedience to the anti-love edict.

Una colomba un bel piccione amava, e lasciva il baciava. Listen, Cynthia, to a great case. A pigeon loved a good-looking turtle dove and kissed it lasciviously.

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Diana, talking to herself. Then she Aurilla is in love. In love? May the unhappy one die. What a strange case, my God! An ass of mine, that is, one of my donkeys one must speak clearly when talking to goddesses , has fallen in love this month of May. It is heard every hour singing love verses. But if he Endymion is in love, oh dear, what shall I do? I cannot advise you. Ah, if he is in love… Sylvanus.

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He is in love. I want to declare to others that this law of mine does not count for him. Giovanni Bononcini, for instance, distinguished the part from the remainder of his cast by resorting to a simplified style akin to that of intermezzi or commedie per musica. For Sylvanus is, as his name indicates, a son of the woods and of solitude … and it should therefore not surprise that he talks like a plebeian. Mezzabarba rebuffed their rigid viewpoint as follows:.

Moreover, she speaks like a woman in love and if, as such, she had spoken with sublime phraseology, she would have violated verisimilitude. From the above I want to deduce this very true consequence, saying that the Critics are too indoctrinated and too metaphysical when speculating on this supposed inverisimilitude, which has not been found to be such among the other listeners of Italy, they being of more moderate intellect. The central issue of disagreement was: should art cater to the demands of connoisseurs, or should it serve the needs of the broader classes?

It will maybe be sweetness, burgeoning from beauty.

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Love, may heaven guard me, it is not love. But the obstinate heart, a slave of goodwill, does not want love to free it. The heart thus unjustly deplores love, regrets its ties, and yet does not want liberty. Thyrsis, too, understands the nature of love, acquiring the courage to reveal his passion for Aurilla in more elevated language. Vulnerable to the heroic-historicist course of opera seria , pastoral frivolities and mythological plots were increasingly expelled to smaller-scale, occasional genres. Quite naturally, she is chastised by her sovereign, though less severely than Aurilla:.

Sei rea, se amante sei; Ma nel celar lo strale Fai con delitto eguale Oltraggio al tuo candor. Nor is the chace thy care. Whence is that thoughtful gloom? Why bursts the sigh incessant from thy breast?

Oh Nysa! Of love! Guiltless she cannot love; from me her love withdraws her loyalty: like outrage must her candour feel if she the guilty flame conceal. Disguised as a shepherd called Alceste, 91 the former asks Diana to join her company of hunters but remains unwilling to respect her law of virginity. Haste thee, prepare thine arms, thy bow, thy spear, and follow me alert. But, above all, observe my laws. What are thy laws, fair Queen? Roused from his dream by her presence, Endymion equally perceives something unknown.

When Diana lets him speak for himself, he turns into a Cherubino, armed with a seductive song:. Thou hast prevailed, my love. That boy art thou, that bird am I, and the restrictive twine that will not let me fly, is this fond love that draws my soul to thine. In the opening scene of the second part, he flatters Diana to such extent that she establishes a legal exception for him:. O Cynthia, lovely goddess of my soul! For, whether from thy presence I withdraw me, or near thy splendour catch new fires, I sin either against thy statutes or thy love.

What sin? What statutes? Crudo mostro inumano, Rendimi la mia vita. What sudden icy chillness freezes my blood, and creeps about my heart! O savage monster, give me back my life!