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We know that safeguarding the ideals you value — freedom from surveillance, safeguarding individual rights, having your vote counted, freedom of movement and thought — requires vigilance and holding our government, and leaders who betray these values, to account. You were indeed fortunate to be able to move to the United States and begin a better life. As a liberal whose love of America you seem to question, let me say that I want my country to demonstrate the same openness to Syrians, Hondurans and Somalis as it did for you. As a liberal, I want my country to be a safe harbor for those fleeing sexual slavery, rape, violence and civil war.

As a liberal, I want my country, the richest and most powerful in the world, to show the same compassion to all 8-year-olds — instead of placing some in cages. Welcome to our country. My family escaped the oppressive English rule and English-created famine in Ireland. I am certainly grateful to have been raised in the United States.

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The vast majority of us have family stories like Ms. Their family stories have not been so happy. And we want to purge our country of it. And we want our daughters and sisters and friends to be freed of the misogyny that like racism persists inexplicably in this land where little girls get to play gleefully. Of course we are grateful for what we have.

But we have been here a long time, and the anchor points of our satisfaction have been shaped by years of the American dream and the American Promise, and we want those not just for our children but for all of our children. Pat Conroy Evergreen, Colo. One of the major problems facing the United States is the fact that individuals give thanks for their private good fortune while failing to appreciate that not everyone shares either the bounty or the perspective.

The present danger is that all of us, liberal and conservative alike, will embrace and guard our individual turf to the exclusion of everyone else, and will in the process let our leadership pull the rug out from under all of us. Jessie Kanzer makes good points in her essay. Freedom to choose is wonderful. I am proud to be both. Liberals despair at seeing people who are fleeing their homelands to chase the American dream treated with cruelty and hatred.

We want them to be safe, to have a chance to raise their children in secure freedom. We welcome their aspirations to become American citizens, to work and to contribute to this great nation. We despair at seeing buffoons and haters disparage immigrants as criminals.

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We fear that inequality and intolerance are becoming acceptable values. We dread what is being done to our wonderful country in the name of fake patriotism. Yet we are optimistic, because we are Americans. Now, leaders from local elections all the way to the Resolute Desk attempt to construe or associate immigrants and refugees with violence, terrorism, and symbolic scapegoats for perceived ills in American society.

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It more and more seems a seething cauldron. This is not a perfect place, but I believe that we can make room for any person seeking the best opportunities for themselves and their loved ones. Adding and including such persons in a society offers great potential to bolster its strength — for everyone. If you instead believe some far-reaching Liberal conspiracy could motivate impoverished migrants from South and Central America to travel thousands of miles, braving dangerous conditions and violent opposition only to reach an unwelcoming land, well, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Initial customer feedback demonstrates that the emphasis on expression, honor, and community resonate most directly.

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