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Thank you. You are welcome. Don't mention it. Sorry, I didn't hear. To your health! Toast to you! Toast to Finland! Thanks for your latest hospitality. Mai janne! Play the taped dialog, times. Hyvaa huomenta, herra Saari, 2. Huomenta, rouva Virtanen. Kiitos hyvaa, enta teille? Kiitos hyvaa vain. Saanko esitella, tuomari Tammi, uusi oppilas, maisteri Virtanen, suomen opettaja.

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Tassa on vaimoni Minna. Anteeksi, mika olikaan nimenne? Miten se kir joitetaan? Anteeksi, en kuullut. Olkaa hyva ja istukaa. Mita vaimollenne kuuluu? Kiitos kysymasta, hanelle kuuluu hyvaa.

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Enta mita Washingtoniin kuuluu? Kiitos, sinne kuuluu hyvaa. Do this at least three 1. Good morning, Mr. Morning, Mrs. How are you? Fine, thanks, and you? Just fine, thanks. May, I introduce Attorney Tammi, a new student. Virtanen, the Finnish teacher.

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How do you do? Nice to meet you. Here is my wife, Minna.

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Excuse me, what was the name again? How is it spelled?

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Please, sit down. How is your wife? Thanks for asking, she is fine. And how are things in Washington? Thanks, everything is fine there. Cover the Finnish side and follow in English. Dialog A. Play the taped dialog and follow the Finnish text. Do this at least three times. Listen to taped dialog B and stop for 5 or 10 seconds after each sentence. Mark down in which order you hear the Finnish sentences. Check your answers against the key. Look at the English text on p. Listen to scrambled dialog C, stopping for 5 or 10 seconds after each sentence.

Mark down in which order you hear the Finnish sentences, but this time mark the English. This gives you practice in comprehension. Listen to dialog D and fill in the blanks in the text, stopping for 30 seconds after each sentence. Good morning Saari. Good morning Virtanen. May I introduce. Here is a Mrs. Please 7. Excuse me 9. How is? Thanks She is. I didn't hear 9. Ensimmainen jakso A. Hyvaa huomenta, herra Saari.

Huomenta Sequence 1 A. Huomenta B. Good morninq, Mrs. No, mitas kuuluu?

Kiitos hyvaa, entas teille? Kiitos, hyvaa vain. Kiitos hyvaa vaan. Toinen jakso B. Saanko esitella, tuomari Tammi, uusi oppilas, maisteri Virtanen, Saanks ma esitella, uus oppilas Sequence 2 B. May I introduce Attorney Tammi a new student.

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Virtanen, suomen opettaja. Paivaa A. Tasson mun vaimo May I introduce myself? My name is Matti Saari. I'm Lea Tikka.

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May I introduce my friend, Attorney Virtanen. Miss Jarvinen. May I introduce my family? My wife, Maija, and our children, Pekka and Liisa. And this is Kalle, Pekka's friend.

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Act out leave-taking, using this model. Good bye, Mrs, Virtanen. It was nice meeting you. So long, Commander Lehto. Nakemiin, rouva Virtanen. Oli hauska tavata. Nakemiin, komentaja Lehto. Then act them out and substitute f Voices A, B, C. Kolmas jakso A. Anteeks, mika teidan nimi olikaan? Anteeks, ma en kuullu.

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