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K, and Canada. She has spent the last 12 years of her practice focusing primarily on social issues, with particular references to history and culture, through a convergence of interests in anthropology and sociology. Her practice continuously develops from life events and connections between the personal and the universal, the political and the fantasised. Her poems and lyric essays appear widely in literary publications including Agni , Boston Review , Ploughshares , Poetry , and elsewhere.

His poetry has been translated into many languages including Italian, Arabic, English, and German. Eloisa Amezcua is an Arizona native. June Glasson is an artist, illustrator and designer. She lives in Laramie, Wyoming.

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She is the co-founder of the Wyoming Art Party. She lives in St. Paul, MN with her two children. Theresa Lola is a British Nigerian poet.

“All the dogs I’ve ever had give me ideas for occasions of joy.”

Momtaza Mehri is a poet, essayist and meme archivist. Her chapbook, sugah lump prayer , was published in as part of the New Generation African Poets series. She also co-edits Diaspora Drama, a digital platform showcasing international immigrant artists.

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Yatender is an image-maker based in Saigon, Vietnam. Her ongoing poetic artwork of compiling fragments of an infinite dictionary was exhibited at Zalaegerszeg, Hungary in , and in the hutongs of Shanghai, China in She has authored several books of poetry, short fiction and some tiny books for children. Among other projects, she is shaping a book of essays on marginalization in Vietnamese contemporary poetry. Richard Atrero de Guzman a.

Travelling extensively for the past eight years, he has been commissioned by core civic institutions like the United Nations and the Drik Picture Library in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Khairani Barokka is a writer, poet and artist in London. She has presented work extensively, in nine countries, and is the recipient of multiple grants. Mary Jean Chan is a poet from Hong Kong. With a defunct 19th-century body measurement system of criminal identification as a foundation, the poems move in and out of history, only to arrive at the immediate voice of a speaker, distraught about the death of a child brother, the remove of a father, and the estrangement of the personal with the politics of her country.

Table of Contents. Cover p. Title Page, Copyright pp. Contents pp.

Subject in the Position of the Soldier with No Arms pp. Teratoma pp. Vanitas Latent Print p.

  • Die Darstellung des Nationalsozialismus im österreichischen Geschichtslehrbuch für die 4. Klasse Hauptschule und AHS von 1945 bis 1999/2000 (German Edition).
  • Poetry Spotlight: Contributor Emilia Phillips.
  • Mach ihn glücklich: Ein Mann verrät, wie Sie die perfekte Liebhaberin werden (German Edition);
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Entra Tutto pp. Latent Print pp. Triptych: Automata pp. Bertillonage Fragment, I: pp.

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Blues Dream pp. II pp.

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Diaspora pp. Cross Section pp. The Study Heads pp. Bertillonage Fragment, II: p.

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Sublimation pp. Ghost Sonnet p. III pp.

In vacuo, Universal Studios pp. The Speech of Monkeys pp.

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Post pp. Bertillonage Fragment, III: p. Latent Print: Interrogation Helix p.