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Book Condition: Very Good. This classic text is a comprehensive course in Taoist yoga with instructions by ancient and enlightened masters. Written in a question and answer format, Taoist Yoga provides complete instruction and training in a particular type of spiritual alchemy that allows us to achieve the divine state of immorality. This work is the forerunner of many more modern books on the subject, and describes the Taoist methods of stopping the generative force. Instead of only being discharged to procreate off-spring, this vital force can be retained in the body for purification and transmutation into positive vitality, so the spirit can be restored to its original primal state.

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It teaches us how to handle our sexual energy differently in order to enhance our spiritual growth. The teachings contained herein have been preserved for the last 47 centuries, and although these ancient texts address the male student, both men and women alike can benefit from the techniques of transforming sexual energy into heightened spiritual consciousness.

Even if we fail to reach the ultimate goal of immortality, we can enjoy longevity, health and spiritual growth in the present life. Enough said for a serous Tao practitioner. Do not be confused by a title "Taost Yoga", this book is not an interpretation of Taoist practice from a Yoga or Buddhist perspective. Charles Luk was a Chan Buddhism not Tao practitioner initiate, and so he sometimes selected words close to his tradition. However, in my opinion, his translations come from the heart. Based on the own experiences, with sincere aspirations. The book is not a step-by-step practical guide for the beginning practitioner.

However, anyone with open mind would benefit from it. The author has omitted some verbal transmission secrets or instructions that would depend on the individual's character and achievement level. However, the listed steps, inner scenery and topic elaborations are totally accurate, the immensely helpful pointers from a direct experience of an enlightened master to a sincere and dedicated practitioner.

I just cannot describe how valuable this text is.

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Bristol, United Kingdom. About this Item: RIder, London, Condition: Good Plus. Size: Sprache : en. While the writings of C. Abd al-Rahman initiated Agueli and confered upon him the title of moqaddem , one who has the authority to initiate others into the order. Agueli was possibly the first European traditionalist sanctioned to give esoteric Sufi initiations. In the same year, , Agueli also wrote an article for the journal La Gnose on the universal and esoteric similarities between Daoism and Islam.


While Evola, as a "philosopher-visionary", sage, esotericist, painter and mountaineer applied the traditionalist and perennialist ideology to political matters, he also had a strong interest in Daoism. Evola borrowed from Daoist, Buddhist and Tantric texts to formulate his magical theories of correspondence. Such an individual has the magical traits of invulnerability, spiritual charisma, and a transcendent detachment that reflects his royal ontological status as wang or king.

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Immortality consists, then, in sustaining consciousness while undergoing the crisis of radical changes of state at death through training in esoteric techniques similar to initiatic traditions of the west. Further, these immortal forms reflect an esoteric hierarchy of higher and lower types manifesting the degree and intelligence of the individuals thus transformed.

Another less dogmatic traditionalist and esoteric writer, Titus Burckhardt, was also influenced by Daoism, particularly by Daoist aesthetic theories as seen in Chinese painting. Burckhardt, a close intellectual compatriot and friend of Frithjof Schuon, espoused a universalist Sufi wisdom sophia perennis and wrote on alchemy and gnosis. Chinese Daoist Teachers and Western Esotericism. By the late s and early s, Daoism in the west had entered a new phase.

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Scholarship was producing new translated texts for study, historical interpretations were moving beyond the old paradigms, and Daoist studies were moving increasingly away from a simplistic interpretation of a few classic texts. Instead there was only an increasing complexity and interweaving of diverse sources, as more ethnography was published and more texts from the Daozang have become accessible. This work and its useful Chinese-English alchemical glossary has become highly referenced by contemporary esotericists and by many Chinese Daoists in America.

Religious Daoism

In the s, authors like J. Cooper , began to write popular but short overviews of Daoism, published like Charles Luk by Western esoteric presses, which covered the subject in a way that demonstrated familiarity with more diverse aspects of the esoteric tradition. He draws parallels between Daoism and Sufism, western mystics and esoteric writers, and tells many a remarkable and entertaining tale embedding Daoism in its proper Chinese cultural milieu.

Following Luk, Blofeld also discusses Daoist yoga or meditation and Daoist sexual techniques, a theme which has attracted some contemporary esotericists. This work is one of the first, very readable, overviews of Daoist religion. Alan Watts, an English emigrant to America, had an early interested in Buddhism and its Zen variations, and toward the end of his controversial and somewhat eccentric life, wrote a book exclusively on Daoism. Watts was also involved in the human-potential movement, centered in the California Esalen Institute where he met and gave seminars with Al Huang, a popular Chinese Tai Ji teacher, calligrapher, dancer, and organizer of his own Daoist institute, the Living Tao Foundation.

Using Daoist concepts such as yin-yang , wuxing , and Yijing bagua symbolism, his work represents a mediating East-West cultural synthesis that bridges the normative gap between academic scholars and popular writers and Chinese Daoist teachers. During the s, in China, a popular wave of interest in Tai Ji reanimated cultural inquiry into Daoism and Chinese Daoist teachers began to immigrate to America and Europe.

Wong, who grew up as a Daoist in China, has translated many Daoist texts and contributed to a growing interest in Daoist religious practices. Yang mixes science, martial arts, and Daoist internal alchemy with vocabulary drawn from English esotericism and European alchemcial thought. His eclecticism typifies a willingness to synthesize and accommodate his American students common to many Chinese Daoist teachers.