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She believes that long-gone diseases are coded into human DNA. Worse still is that they could potentially be brought back into the world to reek havoc on the human population. When a virus hunter discovers a new strain, she fears that her theory has become a reality. Time, space and physics are no longer making any sense after a mysterious disaster plagues the town of Bellona. Two moons appear in the sky, buildings are damaged only to reappear intact and time is no longer consistent. This is a generational-ship story about a stranded vessel orbiting a doomed star.

It is loaded with intrigue and many weighty concepts that will make you think. Evolution, biotechnology and artificial intelligence are all explored here. This novel from the creator of Tarzan is one in a whole series about the hero named John Carter. Carter is a Civil War-era soldier who finds himself on Mars. This novel is like a mix of a Sherlock Holmes mystery within a science-fiction setting.

It features one of the bets twist ending on this list of books. Mike Erikson has unique gifts and is asked to travel across country to investigate a device discovered by DARPA scientists that can fold dimensions. This is a science-fiction thriller and detective story rolled into one.

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Shannon must come to terms with her past as she searches for a missing girl in this tale of time travel, mystery and military intrigue. Charles Yu weaves a science-fiction story that explores the father and son relationship. It also deals with the themes of life, linear time, human memories and how we create an identity for ourselves. Kady awakes one morning with nothing on her mind besides her relationship with Ezra. That same day, the earth is invaded by aliens.

This book deals with war, large corporations and how they often profit from those wars with little thought about the consequences to the little guy caught in the middle.

A Planet for Rent

Detective stories and mysteries keep popping up in this list of science fiction. This is yet another one that brilliantly blends the two genres. In a world preparing for an near-future asteroid impact on earth, a detective must work to solve a murder mystery. The death has been officially ruled as a suicide, but the detective suspects foul play. Part of the old United States is now a militaristic republic, perpetually at war.

June is a young genius from an elite, wealthy family. She is being trained for military service in the republic. Her world is changed forever when she runs into Day, a young criminal who was born into poverty. This is someone who looks at trends in politics, culture and especially technology. They then try to predict what the future may hold. To some degree, most science-fiction authors do this. This is a cautionary tale about the dependence people have on technology, especially being connected to the internet.

In a future South Africa, a teacher realizes something is wrong with the kids she knows. They seem more caught up than usual with their online lives. In the year , an Commonwealth is developed to connect multiple worlds. They span light years and are all connected via wormholes. When a distant star mysteriously vanishes, a ship is sent out to investigate the anomaly. Renata Ghali travels deep into the stars in search of a planet that is free of war and poverty.

The planet was seen in a vision by Lee Suh-Mi. It may even hold the answers to the origin of earth and life on our planet.

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This novel deals with the idea of keeping secrets and the consequences that can stem from it. Aliens discover an enormous object that is dubbed the artifact. Everyone is apprehensive about encountering the race that could have built such a massive, technological wonder. Two humans and a band of exotic alien explorers seek out answers to this mystery in the fun adventure.

Are Humans the Meanest Species in the Universe?

Shikasta is also known as Colonized Planet 5. The book uses the structure of a history lesson filled with documents, research papers and journal entries to describe a planet that is actually the earth from the viewpoint of others. A small girl named Rose is riding her bike when she falls down a shaft. The rescuers are met with an alarming discovery.

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species

She seems to be in the grasp of a giant metal hand. This is an intriguing thriller that will keep you engaged til the end. An odd band of Hollywood stars and actors roam the now-decimated Great Lakes region. This tale is set in the future after the collapse of civilization as we know it.

The survivors are willing to risk everything for art and the human race. The author of this science-fiction tale is a real-life scientist. This is perhaps why she is so good at creating realistic and fascinating alien species.

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This is a story of an inter-species conflict set in a realistic, well-crafted fictional universe. The Confederation is a government of numerous alien worlds and species. While the Confederation has evolved past war and violent conflicts for themselves, they enlist the aid of humans to fight such battles for them as the entry fee for their Confederation citizenship. This book is a collection of four different fantastic science-fiction stories.

Set in the far-distant future, the world morphs into a mix of fantasy-world elements and science-fiction technology.

This is not just a great story, but a great example of unique story telling. The city of Veniss is explored through the eyes of three different characters. These vastly different people each have a unique voice and perspective on things.

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This is a sprawling space adventure in the vein of Dune or Star Wars. Kylara Vatta is the lone daughter in a family with many brothers.

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She is determined to buck the family career trends and enlists in the military. Shipping out among the starts on a space cruiser is her true desire. This book takes a realistic look at how a first contact with aliens might go down. This is a collection of science-fiction short stories from award-winning author, Ted Chiang. The stories hit on a number of subjects such as portals into other dimensions, artificial intelligence and alien scientists.

They all contain realistic and relatable characters that make the stories really resonate with readers. This novel by Gene Wolf consistently ranks high on lists for both science fiction and fantasy books. It uses many fantasy tropes but is set in the future, millions of years from now. All that we know of history and culture is a distant, long-forgotten memory in this new fantastic world.

This is a destruction-of-earth story. A new planet is found that offers hope for future generations. Unfortunately, it also offers plenty of dangers and obstacles that must first be overcome. Science fiction is one of the most fascinating genres in all of literature. It is one of the earliest forms of fiction.

‘Buffy’ Should Have Been Set in the Virgin Islands

This can be witnessed in this very list that contains books from as far back as years ago. Science fiction forces us to take a serious look at humanity, technology and the good and bad that can flow from scientific discoveries. It can be fun and adventurous, funny, or deep and thought provoking. No matter what type of stories you enjoy, there should be plenty of books on this list to entertain you.

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell Some of the best science fiction takes a look at the possible future and how it could be negatively affected by technology. The Time Machine by H. Wells This seminal work by H. War of the Worlds by H. The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov This masterpiece of science fiction explores deep concepts such as determinism, fate and how history often repeats itself.

Clarke Many people are more familiar with the film directed by Stanley Kubrick than they are of this novel. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury Instead of Martians invading earth, this is a collection of tales about humans traveling to and colonizing our closet neighboring planet. A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess This novel is another on our list that has been translated successfully to film directed by Stanley Kubrick.