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In companies and institutions, the food is normally provided by caterers, while with friends everyone prepares one dish. A traditional Polish non-alcoholic beverage based on dried fruit. Today it is served mainly at Christmas Eve dinner. It is prepared from dried apples, pears, plums, apricots, figs and raisins with spices. It quenches thirst really well. For sure you have heard of dumplings — the most famous Polish dish. Most Poles eat dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, and sometimes Ruthenian dumplings with potatoes and cottage cheese with lots of pepper, or with lentils.

Hay is the only element of the Christmas table that you won't see with the naked eye, because it's traditionally hidden under the tablecloth. Today, it is mainly associated with the manger where Jesus was born, but the tradition is said to date back to pagan times, when hay was used for divination on New Year's Eve.

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Poppyseeds traditionally symbolise abundance and fertility. It was also considered an unusual ingredient due to its hallucinogenic properties.

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In Polish tradition, there must be at least one dish with poppy seeds on the Christmas table. The choice is wide as each region has its own dish based on poppyseeds. It is worth knowing, however, that Poles have different opinions about what decoration should be placed on the top of the Christmas tree.

This expresses the conviction that no one should be alone on that evening. Nowadays, unannounced visitors rarely knock on the door, but some Poles invite older, lonely people or friends from Poland or abroad who are far from their families to visit on Christmas Eve. But don't try to listen to them because you can only hear them when the last hour strikes. In the past, in order to honour this extraordinary skill, farmers would carry the remains of Christmas Eve supper to their animals.

Colourful wafers are also produced, which are fed by farmers to cattle and pets.

Open houses: how a lifesize advent calendar brought joy to my street

They share wafer, exchange wishes and then eat christmas dishes. Some people feel that the best part of the Christmas holidays is awaiting and anticipating them. Matrimonial fortune-telling sets the tone on evenings. They include throwbacks to old folk traditions as well as more recent customs which we present to you today.

Once reserved for eligible maidens, nowadays they can serve as November attractions for everyone.

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Archival sources and archaeological discoveries made in different parts of Poland prove that Poles also made pilgrimages to the tomb of St. Dozens of Polish pilgrims were registered in Spanish documents. In old Polish culture, the Holy Week preceding Easter was full of exceptionally rich rituals that built the traditions and developed the identity of the citizens of the 1st Commonwealth.

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The Christmas Calendar

Polish Christmas Calendar 0. Carp Carp is one of the most important dishes on Christmas Eve. Carols The tradition of singing Christmas carols is very strong in Poland. Christmas Eve soup Polish cuisine is famous for its soups, which is why they have to be on the Christmas table.

Krakow cribs These are richly decorated models of cribs that take inspiration from the architecture of Krakow and its surroundings. Herring Fish dishes form the basis of the Christmas menu in Poland. Baubles Polish Christmas tree baubles are known all over the world. Starman Do you think that Santa Claus leaves gifts under the Christmas tree? So in between stocking up on Amazon's plethora of sale items and fashion deals , we've also got our eyes on a number of advent calendars to add to our already filled-to-the-brim carts.

With vintage wooden styles, luxury beauty calendars, and a selection of quirky DIY options, there are endless surprises that await this December.

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