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We recorded several songs together, this is my favourite. I like the silence to she said He wore brightly eyes of smiles Red is lucky for dragons And lovely on brunettes.

I called and you answered me A praying mantis told me so I did not know how you would shelter me And love me so. This is another song that kinda slipped away from me.

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Through the darkened earth I have wondered Over Mountains and the seas Into the hearts of men I have witnessed The most tenderness and cruelty. When I looked into the soldiers eyes Black as coal and colder than the night sky I felt his fear Oh my God how did we get here. When all the fires have burned out And the land lies in peace I will pick up the pieces of my heart And make of them a chandelier. There are some songs that have travelled well with me through my years and others that were just for the time that I wrote them.

Joy and Josephine: Monica Dickens: Bloomsbury Reader

This song kinda slipped away from me but popped into my consciousness recently one morning. Josephine Louise Hall, the all-girls dorm on campus, is home to its fair share of spooky stories. In , influenza broke out, and Newcomb girls could not escape the pandemic.

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The infirmary was overrun, so the third floor of JL served as an extension and housed many sick patients. It is rumored that one or two girls died inside the building during this time. The third floor area, now known as The Deep, has student rooms, storage facilities, a study lounge and a food prep area. Lacau said she has believed in paranormal activity ever since using a Ouija board in high school.

The Haunting of Josephine

And they were roommates. Those without the opportunity to connect with the paranormal themselves can interact with the ghost on Twitter realjlghost. The account was created by Ishanya Narang and a friend while living in JL last year.

The Haunting of Josephine Manson

This version of Josephine Louise House was built in , just like Newcomb Hall and the Art School building — the first three buildings of the Broadway campus. The original Josephine Louise House was located in the Garden District and was acquired in to use as a residence for Newcomb students while the college was located in the Garden District.