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About The Book. About The Author. Product Details. Resources and Downloads. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! More books from this author: H. See more by H. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! The issue with the TOC is that some people prefer to have a page within the body of the book with a list of all the stories as links to the stories. I personally prefer not to have this and rely on the readers built-in ability to display the TOC. That's why the initial release of this book has no TOC page in the book.

I'll have a second book attached here with this TOC page included and allow you to choose which one you want. I've now added a second book to the first post. This is the same are my original book but with now an added TOC page for those that either don't have a reader that can display a TOC or prefer to use a page within the book. I originally tried creating it as a multi-level TOC to match what the reader would generate but this was massive, it made a page larger than some of the stories in the book. So instead I reduced it down to only the story titles.

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As it is, the TOC page is still pretty large, not surprising as there are 65 stories in this book at present. Hi ghostyjack, The book looks great and should be easy to read. I especially like your initial caps, and indented quotations. I was wondering, though, whether you noticed the inconsistency in the titles? Lovecraft", while the title text in the book says "The Complete Fiction of H. Lovecraft" It would be nice to have "H. Lovecraft" somewhere in the title in the library view since otherwise it requires opening the book to see what it's about. Hmmm, odd. I'll have a look into that, I never noticed it.

I'm doing a bit of a check on the book anyway, I'll see if I can figure this out. If anyone has an Idea on whats gone wrong, then please let me know. Thanks Radius for the comments about my book, I wasn't certain how well it came out. Figured it out, I forgot to update the title from the work-in-progress one. I'll stick up a version 3 to correct this. I also noticed the same for my other two Lovecraft books, I'll fix those as well.

I should be getting them up later tonight.

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Ok, version 3 is uploaded with a corrected title in the metadata. Thank you ghostyjack, it looks great. I haven't read H. P Lovecraft for years, and only some of his stories, so maybe now would be a good time to catch up.

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This is one seriously awesome collection. Thanks for taking the time to produce it!

Complete Collection of H.P. Lovecraft

Thanks guys for all you comments, It's nice to know that it's appreciated by you all. And thanks to you Valloric as this collection would have been a lot more difficult to put together if it wasn't for Sigil. It's a fantastic programme for epub editing and creation, I love it.

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  4. BTW, a new version of all my books is going to be released soon as I am redoing the formatting so as to attempt a level of "future-proofing" as I've got several issues in them that look OK with the current readers but may prove to be a total mess on newer readers. Version 4 is now available with completely redone formatting. Most of the changes are non-visible, but will I hope make the file a bit more compatible with different reading systems and improve the appearance after converting to a different format.

    Overview Synopsis Background.

    HorrorBabble's COMPLETE CTHULHU MYTHOS by H. P. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft in February Commissioned by Weird Tales founder and owner J. Henneberger, the narrative tells a fictionalized account in the first-person perspective of an allegedly true experience of escape artist Harr….

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    Overview Synopsis Background Reception and legacy. Lovecraft in collaboration with Harry Houdini in February Henneberger, the narrative tells a fictionalized account in the first-person perspective of an allegedly true experience of escape artist Harry Houdini. Set in , in Egypt, Houdini finds himself kidnapped by a tour guide, who resembles an ancient pharaoh, and thrown down a dee….