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Are they true? Your host offers his 2 cents, but you can decide for yourself. Cian brings you a few of his favourite scary non-supernatural outdoor tales, mostly culled from the darkest corners of Reddit. Loneliness, isolation, creeps, cultists and serial killers feature in this collection of odd stories.

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Yes, the interrupted journey is un-interrupted? So where do those darned alien Greys come from anyway —and why are they so interested in probing us? Did Barney Hill have unconscious memories of waking up on the operating table? And why in the blue blazes did anybody ever think that hypnotic regression was a reliable way of recalling real memories? Oh, and of course this episode should really have been titled Fifty Shades of Greys. Poor public understanding of science is leading to an overall dumbing-down of decision-making around the world; environmental, political, and otherwise.

Is hunting good for conservation?

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Are seagulls and foxes a menace to society? Why do we insist on demonising any and all non-domestic animals? Cian and Neil investigate various recent wildlife-related media scandals including the work of Brian Ford, whose pseudoscience about dinosaurs has blown up yet again in the Twittersphere with the release of the 2ndedition of his book rehashing 19th-century ideas and presenting them as a brave new theory.

Join him to learn of the wonder and mystery, the lies and intrigue, behind the Bluff Creek footprints — the case that kickstarted a legend. Is it true that prankster logging manager Ray Wallace really invented the Bigfoot myth using giant wooden feet? We all know what aliens look like — small grey guys with big heads, right? On a windy day at the cabin, when recording is not possible, Cian enters the vault and dusts off the tapes. We discuss Victorian phantom airships, s Swedish Ghost Rockets, the Kenneth Arnold sighting, and most importantly for the history of those nefarious grey aliens, the Hill abduction case of While Cian enjoys a morning coffee on the porch of the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin, all-round man of science, engineering and medicine James Lynch calls to offer his expertise on this surprisingly important issue.

Our Flat Earth adventure becomes an exploration of fringe beliefs and alternative facts. Why DO people believe weird things? What kind of evidence would they accept to falsify their theory? How is science different from other belief systems? We discuss the recent documentary Behind The Curve, talk about the psychological underpinnings of Flat Earth belief, the secret possible religious motivations behind the movement, and James provides technical expertise on astronomical phenomena, plane flight paths, atmospheric refraction, and expert commentary on a host of the usual Flat Earth claims.

In , enormous footprints found near Bluff Creek, California made Bigfoot a worldwide phenomenon, elevating the mystery primate to cryptozoological superstardom. But believers have always maintained that ideas about Sasquatch predate this key year, both in the legends of Native Americans and in the reports of white settlers.

In this episode of Wide Atlantic Weird, Cian relocates to his cabin in the woods for summer and cracks open a bevy of Bigfoot reports that predate to find out just how this myth might have come about. He also cracks open a Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

Hear from the diary of Elkanah Walker, the missionary who wrote about hairy giants and hidden tribes in Washington State in the s. Wonder at the stories of the Seeahtik, the mystery tribe who seemed both flesh-and-blood as well as supernatural, and could use hypnotism to hunt their animal prey.. Visit the cabin where a number of Bigfoot lay siege to five miners at Ape Canyon in Cian is joined by naturalist and wildlife photographer Neil Philips to discuss what makes British monsters different and sometimes similar from their international cousins American monsters in particular.

It seems that even when these creatures ARE literally real, as some mysterious big cats turn out to be, the phenomena still inevitably develops a shroud of mysticism, fakery and blurry pictures that imitate the lore surrounding Bigfoot and other cryptids, confusing the issue. And the guys return to the confounding subject of the British Bigfoot, again delving into the murky world of a supposedly British monster that appears to have been copied wholesale from his transatlantic origin.

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Remember, we want to believe - but only if the evidence is good enough! When it comes to the beasts that hide from man, nobody did backwoods Americana mystery creatures quite like Manly Wade Wellman. His character John the Balladeer was a guitar-slinging hobo who wandered the Appalachian mountains, encountering mythical creatures from North Carolina folklore. For anyone who enjoys monsters, folklore, and midth century pulp stories, this is truly one to enjoy while sipping your finest, cheapest rotgut bourbon, of course.

When Silver John discovers a legend about a mysterious cabin on top of a mountain called Yandro, he takes a step into a world haunted by one of the most imaginative collections of weird beasts in all of fiction. When reports of the so-called 'Abominable Snowman' first filtered from the peaks of the Himalayas to Western Europe during the golden age of mountaineering, English writer of classic ghost stories E. Benson took the trendy new idea of the mysterious hairy mountain-dwelling apemen and wondered what might happen if they existed not only in remotest Asia, but in the Alps too.

From deep within the library of the Wide Atlantic Bunker, your host Cian explores what these initial Yeti reports were like, what Benson might have known about the Abominable Snowman at this time, and why even a 'fate worse than death' at the hands of a female Alps Yeti might not have been the scariest thing about this oddly Lovecraftian tale. So grab yourself a beverage, snuggle into a comfy armchair while the wind whips outside your window, and enjoy this reading of Cryptids in Classic Fiction. Sources: AnomalyInfo. Benson, etext. They dissect why people believe conspiracy theories in general, why the Apollo landing was ripe for a campaign of distrust, and what this meant for the time in which it happened.

They discuss Bill Kaysing, the guy who first invented this idea, the Fox documentary and the rebirth of the theory in the s. It's a fundamental conspiracy theory and deserves a deep-dive, so get ready to take one giant leap for podcast listeners and blast off for the great unknown or at least a studio in Nevada!

Cian is fascinated by the origins of cyptids and mysterious animals. How do these beliefs get started?

It became incredibly popular during the s as the result of one man's journalism. Suddenly, it seemed that Yowies were everywhere! But do the roots of the Yowie myth go back any further? Is it fair to make a connection between this modern cryptid and 19th-century sightings of 'wildmen' and 'Australian gorillas? As it becomes clear that this belief has some very strange undertones, things get weird.

Based on a true story ish! Conspiracy theories, UFO folklore, fringe beliefs - they all have something in common, and it's something worrying. A thread of anti-intellectualism runs through them all.

Cian decides to find out what's really going on and enlists the help of his brother Donal, PHd student and lecturer in Political Science, to get to the bottom of several important mysteries. Why is conspiracy thinking more rampant than ever? The atmosphere of mounting dread will keep readers engrossed.

Nightmarishly good. So it is with Poppet , which gives readers an opportunity to warmly welcome the return of Detective Inspector Jack Caffery. Be warned: Poppet is a shocker, though delightfully so.

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Hayder twists and turns the primary plot into and degree angles yet never lets the reader get lost, confused, or misdirected. And while you might guess some of what will happen, there is almost no way that you will figure out all of it before its time, particularly the subtle little anti-climax you will never see coming yet makes perfect sense. From the bed Monster Mother stares at the triangle of light coming from under the door. Something is waiting there outside her room. Silently she pushes herself out of bed and creeps to the furthest corner of the room.

The Maude.

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Monster Mother glances frantically around the room—checking every corner, every crack in the plaster. Any place at all that The Maude can crawl in. She knows more about The Maude than anyone in this place does. Carefully she pushes her hand up under the thin red negligee she wears and moves her trembling fingers along the skin between her breasts. When she finds the thing she needs she tugs.

It hurts, but she continues. There is a wet smacking sound as her stomach muscles spring free from her skin. Monster Mother takes a deep breath and straightens up—solid and brave—her stripped muscles glinting in the security lights.

See a Problem?

She faces the door. Home Books Poppet Share This. Atlantic Monthly Press. Excerpt From the bed Monster Mother stares at the triangle of light coming from under the door. The Maude will never find her now.