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For example, gentle upselling is a proven way to increase the value of a purchase when you already have a paying customer on-hand. How can you be better at retaining staff and creating loyalty? Keeping customers is essential to dealership performance, but so is retaining staff. Turnover has a tendency to be high in auto dealerships—especially with salespeople—and that can be truly frustrating for someone trying to run a profitable business. Constant turnover is expensive, lowers morale, and decreases performance.

How can you not just keep your staff, but keep them happy and loyal? Consider how you show appreciation for their efforts—spiffs, rewards, parties—and also how you compensate them. Feel like your automotive accounting processes have become a total mess? It may be time to streamline things with a centralized accounting office.

It takes more than flashy signs and slick business cards to run a profitable car dealership business Once upon a time, you worked in a busy, urban car dealership with…. You invest too much money into your vehicle inventory to make dealership security an afterthought. Convert more leads into sales, retain more customers, and market inventory smarter.

Make your job easier overnight with AutoRaptor. Apr 17 Auto Sales. In your dealership, performance can be measured in many different ways—and you have the ability to make small, important changes today. Here are five questions you can ask yourself when it comes to improving your dealership performance.

How can you get better at retaining customers? How can your team be better at following up with customers? Schedule an AutoRaptor Demo Now! With used cars you have to do the math to get the best deal. You are right that a buyer should come armed with pre-aproval. But, if the rate from the dealer are only slightly higher, but they knock off 1k more in price of the car, it is very likely that is a better deal and you pay less interest for the life of the loan.

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But it does take some number crunching to know. Reply by jakewill That's why you get a sales invoice drawn up before you tell them you have your own financing. But you still give them a chance to come up with a competing offer. With your score, I would go direct with the car dealership if you are buying new. If not then I would do as mentioned and get a pre approval from your back and maybe lending tree then talk to the dealership.

Get preapproved from a local credit union with the best interest rate you can look up best available APR on most credtior's websites. Decide on a purchase price and a trade-in price if applicable. Get a sales invoice written up. Tell the salesman you have your own financing.

You can still let them run your credit to get a competing offer if you want. Make the final decision on your financing. If you're going with your local credit union, the dealership may be able to run it through their normal channels or you may need to go get a check from the credit union take the sales invoice with you.

5 Areas of Dealership Performance You Can Always Improve

Reply by paycarefulattention. Why shouldn't we buy gap insurance? I am glad I had GAP on my last car which was totaled. New car dealers do not actually finance a sale. They essentially sell your loan to one of many financing providers, such as a captive or a bank, which they work with. The qualification is a person should know what financing they can get outside of the dealership.

Let them try to beat that financing. They often can. Think about it! What is there to lose? If the dealer can arrange better financing, great. If the dealer cannot arrange better financing, just use your own financing. You should not disclose how you plan to pay for the vehicle until after a price is negotiated. If the dealer believe you will finance, they may be willing to sell at a lower price.

Dealers see promise, but change and its costs don't come easy

Therefore, do nothing to make a dealer think you will not finance with them. Steer clear of the dealerships and dont let them find you insurance because you will be robbed. Madashellnow's response was:. The smart buyer always allows the dealer an opportunity to arrange financing. New car dealers do not finacne vehicles. But they do have a number of financial institutions which they can arrange financing for the buyer.

Their job is to finalize the paper work, settle financing, and to sell a plethora of overprice products of dubious value. The key to dealer arranged financing is the buyer must know the financing he or she can get outside the dealership. Think about it, there is nothing to lose. If not, use the financing you found outside the dealership. Refinancing my vehicle!!!!! Hey everyone!!

Need advise.

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I had to such a life change that damaged my credit in the past. I am finally able to breath. I purchased a vehicle when my credit was not so good. I can now refinance and get my paymets lowered by a few hundred dollars. I am a little nervous.

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I was advised to get another credit card and refinance my vehicle, which in return this would increase my credit scroe. Can someone share their experience if this sounds similar.

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Reply by Jensetter My insurance premiums increased and the interest rate has hindered me from getting some benefits and securing a job I wish. I took a risk by hiring him to fix my credit. Jensetter04's reply was:. Pick out what you want go look and drive then get pre approved with your bank.. I you are looking at a truch be prepared for sticker price shock. The Credit Advice pages of the Site may contain messages submitted by users over whom Credit Karma has no control.

Credit Karma cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of any such messages.

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