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    Download it for free! And they welcome the Chinese dragon who brings wisdom, wealth, and happiness. This book is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Each page includes an action that kids can do, such as moving the broom to sweep, smelling the sweet oranges, or opening the red envelope to reveal the lucky money. These actions will keep children engaged and help them learn about Chinese New Year customs.

    Happy, Happy Chinese New Year! Each spread of this book details one Chinese New Year custom, providing background information about the custom along with small, detailed illustrations of people carrying out the custom. Parents and children wanting in depth information about all of the symbolism associated with Chinese New Year customs will appreciate the details in this book.

    For example, on the pages that deal with cooking, there are 23 traditional foods listed along with their Chinese names and what they symbolize. This book goes through each letter of the alphabet, pairing each letter with information about important people and traditions that surround Chinese New Year. For example, F is for firecrackers, which scare away evil spirits.

    H is for haircut, as children get their hair cut to get a fresh start in the New Year. M is for Moon, since Chinese New Year starts with a new moon. And finally Z is for Zodiac, since the Chinese Zodiac calendar follows a twelve-year cycle, with each year being represented by a different animal. Chinese New Year by David F. Using simple text and bright photographs, this book tells about the Chinese New Year holiday and the various traditions associated with the holiday.

    Although many of the details in this book are also seen in the other books reviewed here, this book also presented a few unique facts we had not read elsewhere. Also, many families set extra places at the dinner table on Chinese New Year for missing family members who are away from home or who have died. This book is perfect for toddlers and young preschoolers. The text is simple and the illustrations are pretty basic.

    Each page describes Chinese New Year custom, along with a brief explanation for the custom. For example, young readers will learn that Chinese families decorate the walls with bright red cut papers, because red is a symbol of luck and happiness for Chinese people.

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    Young children will be interested in these and many more Chinese traditions in this very accessible book. The last page includes a few additional details about Chinese New Year for parents. This is a wonderful story about giving and selflessness, set against the backdrop of Chinese New Year Day in Chinatown.